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Healthy office

 By installing a Maxgreenwall, you are increasing the amount of nature indoors with a total of 104 plants. As is well known, a natural environment can improve the overall health status of humans. It has been found that a natural environment can reduce stress levels and sedentary behaviour. Furthermore an increase in social engagement and personal development has been noticed within natural environments. Direct contact with nature stimulates vitality, creativity and happiness. The user-friendly and movable Maxgreenwall is a great option to stimulate social contact and well-being, for example in your private surroundings or in the office.

 Having greenery in the office improves the overall indoor climate. Plants can purify the air and increase the moisture levels in the air. Research has shown that employees appreciate their office surroundings and their personal productivity levels more if greenery is placed. Adding that, in a natural environment, employees have less sick days and recover faster when they are sick. Did you know that stress-related work absence costs around €1.8 billion in the Netherlands? Maxgreenwall is a solid solution to easily increase the greenery in the office, leading to an improvement in happiness, productivity levels and a reduction in absence-related costs of employees. 

It is good to know that Maxgreenwall does not only increase the amount of nature indoors, but can also be used as a room divider. As room dividers function as a visual and sound barrier between spaces, they can improve acoustics in busy offices for example. Room dividers are affordable and flexible solutions for organizing and isolating. Maxgreenwall is a stunning and affordable solution to improve acoustics, aesthetics and organization in your office.

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