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Collaboration between Parus Europe and Sempergreen

The new product Maxgreenwall will connect interior design, nature and people.

Sempergreen and Parus Europe are happy to announce a great collaboration happened. Together they have set up a team who developed Maxgreenwall from concept to final product. The combination of innovative technologies of Parus Europe and the green heart of Sempergreen lead to the founding of Maxgreenwall. The movable plant wall is  great for the bond between people and nature, with of course a positive effect on health and happiness.

Indoor climate and health: every little bit counts 

The team of Maxgreenwall wants to emphasize to use even the smallest possibilities to increase nature indoors with the slogan ‘’Maximize your green life’’. It is well-known that nature has positive effects on mental- and physical well-being, productivity and feelings of satisfaction. With offering an affordable product, the health status of people and the amount of nature indoors can increase easily.

Max de Vos, R&D specialist at Sempergreen: ‘’Maxgreenwall is a classic example of good collaboration. Two unique companies who are expert in their field. Where we have been increasing greenery on an international scale, it is also our dream to increase greenery on a small scale as every little bit counts. Maxgreenwall meets a need for which there is still little supply; a user-friendly and movable green wall. Due to the applied technologies within Maxgreenwall, this is a solution even for people without a green thumb. This way, everyone can contribute to a greener world!’

User-friendly plant wall

The system of Maxgreenwall ensures effortless maintenance of the plants, even when the area does not contain natural daylight or when the owner is on a long holiday. Furthermore, a lot of personalization options are available, such as printing the backside or greeting your guests with a warm welcome.

Sandro van Kouteren, CEO at Parus Europe: ‘’What is unique about this product, is that it has become an all-in-one system. An air circulation system to increase activity of the plants and a specially designed grow light to ensure growth of the plants without natural daylight. Furthermore, an automatic watering system and the possibility to control your Maxgreenwall remotely via an application.’’