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Maxgreenwall Single

Maxgreenwall Single

The Maxgreenwall is one of a kind due to its moveability and effortless maintenance. Not only does the living wall brighten up your private or business surroundings, it also improves health status and air quality. This living indoor wall is a sound investment because of its positive influences, moveability and customizability. The Maxgreenwall is a great opportunity to put more than 100 plants in your surroundings by installing this vertical garden. Because of the moveability of the Maxgreenwall, you can change your interior design as often as you wish. For example, you can place Maxgreenwalls as room dividers or form a large indoor living wall by linking multiple Maxgreenwalls to each other. In order to distinguish yourself or your brand, we offer the options of installing signs in between the plants and decorating the back of the green wall. With all these options available, the possibilities are infinite!

Product information

Height 221cm
Width 104cm
Depth 37cm
Water reservoir 80L
Refill frequency Monthly
Waterpump sound 50dB


Weight box 80KG
Weight installed 200KG
Plant quantity 104
Light colour White
Optimal amount of light 8hrs daily
Colours of the wall Pure white (RAL9016)
Graphite black (RAL9011)