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The Product

Which tools do I need to install the Maxgreenwall myself?

Scissors, a spanner, a screwdriver and a spirit level are the only tools you will need.

Does the Maxgreenwall need power?

Yes, the live wall needs power for the specialized growlight and waterpump. Yearly, the system uses less power than a laundry machine or dishwasher!

What does the Maxgreenwall weigh?

The Maxgreenwall itself weighs around 80KG (176lbs). When the water reservoir is full and the plants are saturated, the green wall can weigh up to a maximum of 250KG (551lbs).

What material is used in the Maxgreenwall?

The two main materials used in the Maxgreenwall are recyclable polyproylene and steel with an eco-friendly finish.


Can I install my own plants?

Yes, the ideal size of the round plant pots is P9. This means that the pots have an ideal diameter of 9cm (3,54inch). It is also possible to install P12 (12cm/4,72inch) pots, or pots which are smaller in size than P9. When installing the smaller sizes, please keep in mind to add some soil to benefit the plants.

Is the Maxgreenwall easy to move?

For sure! The wheels below the live wall make it easy to move the wall to the desired place. This is also a great benefit if you move offices or homes: the Maxgreenwall is a safe investment for your surroundings.

Can the Maxgreenwall be placed in darker surroundings?

Definitely, the quality of the plants is ensured with the special growlight. This way, you can place the Maxgreenwall wherever you like indoors.

How can I link multiple Maxgreenwalls to each other, in order to create one big living wall indoors?
    • This is possible with a click system, which will be delivered when you order more than one Maxgreenwall. The click system is out of sight, but make links possible!
    • Another benefit of linking multiple Maxgreenwalls is that you will only need one power socket, as you can unite the plugs of Maxgreenwalls with each other.
Can I maintain the Maxgreenwall myself?

Yes, that is one of the benefits of this green wall. The water reservoir needs a refill once every month and the microfilter needs a quick rinse once a year. Furthermore, to keep the greenery looking fresh and stimulate quality, it is advised to prune the plants twice a year. Wish to trim more often? That is also great to do.

What are the different possibilities for the back of the Maxgreenwall?

You can leave it as it is, but you can also print the back to your wishes! For example with your personal logo, brand or illustration. Furthermore, you can use the back as whiteboard or link it back-to-back with other Maxgreenwalls.

What do I have to do when I want to print the back of the Maxgreenwall?

Just sent us the illustration, logo or text, and we will do the rest!

What do I have to do when I want letters or a logo installed in between the plants?

Just sent us the text or logo and we will take care of the rest!

The System

How much sound does the waterpump produce?

The waterpump itself produces a sound of around 15 Decibels. When applied in a quiet office, this is comparable to the sound of rain outside (50dB).

What is advised regarding the activitation times of the waterpump?

It is advised to let the waterpump work one minute a day. Furthermore, the waterpump should be activated for at least ten minutes once a week.

What is the maximum amount of water in the water reservoir?

The water reservoir can hold up to a total of 80L (21 gallons). You can easily enjoy a long holiday or break without having to take care of the plants.

How often do I need to refill the water reservoir?

On average, once a month is enough.

How does the UV filter work?

The UV filter is built in the water reservoir to keep the water clean from harmful bacteria, by using UV-C light.

What is advised regarding the special grow light?

To ensure optimal growth and quality of plants, it is advised to turn on the grow light for at least 8hrs a day. This period of time can also occur during the night, but if your Maxgreenwall is located in an area with a lot of natural light: do keep in mind that plants require a dark surrounding for at least 4hrs a day, to rest.

What is the endurance of the growlight?

The LED-growlight has an endurance of 50.000hrs.

What is the size of the growlight?

The growlight is a 900mm-wide bar, to ensure equal light distribution for the whole green wall. If the situation occurs where the lightbar does not fit your interior design, please know there are other types of growlight available. We offer spots on trackrails or mono pucks as well!

What are the benefits of the growlight?

It is designed by Parus for plants specifically, but has been adapted to a white colour so it is also pleasurable for the human eye. Because of its effectiveness, less power is needed to keep the plants in good condition. Furthermore, it is LED light: this has a longer life endurance, emits less heat and is more sustainable compared to other types of light.

What exactly can the application control?

With use of the application, you can control the following:

  • Growlight on/off
  • Growlight time slots activity
  • Waterpump on/off
  • Waterpump time slots activity
  • UV filter on/off
  • UV filter time slots activity
  • Air circulation fan on/off
  • Air circulation fan time slots activity
How can I link my application to the Maxgreenwall?

The application ‘’Ewelink’’ can be downloaded in the App Store. Once you have downloaded the application, you connect your Maxgreenwall by pushing the following buttons: ‘’Add’’ > ‘’Fast connection’’ > ‘’Add one system’’ >. Be aware that your Wi-Fi is active and your Maxgreenwall is in connection mode. The Maxgreenwall can be put in connection mode by pushing one of the buttons of the control system in the wall for 10 seconds or longer, until the blue light changes pattern.

What if I cannot or do not want to download the application with which I can control the technical aspects of the Maxgreenwall?

Then you will still be able to control the technical aspects of the Maxgreenwall. Next to the water reservoir is the controlsystem located. Here you can manually control the green wall. If the situation occurs where you manually activated a technical aspect, you can easily change it with the application as well.

What can I do if the UV filter floats?

The UV filter contains suction cups on the bottom. If floating occurs, you can push the UV filter back onto the bottom of the water reservoir.