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How to use your


How to install your Maxgreenwall Single Unit

Please contact us if you would like to receive the full written guide of how to install your Maxgreenwall Single Unit.

How to install your plants

 Grab a Maxgreenwall plant pot. These are delivered with your Maxgreenwall.

Pull out the white laces a bit and fill the plant pot with lava split. This is delivered with your Maxgreenwall. The layer of lava split should be around 0.5- 1 cm high and the white laces should lay on top of the layer of lava split.

With care, pull out your plant of its original plant pot and place them in the Maxgreenwall plant pot. The ideal pot size of your plants is P9. Push the soil a bit into the Maxgreenwall plant pot to fit correctly. Your plant is now ready to be installed into the Maxgreenwall Units.

How to refill the water reservoir of a Maxgreenwall Single Unit

Open your Maxgreenwall Single Unit by removing the top cover, below the plants.

Now relocate the lid of the water reservoir.

You can now refill the water reservoir. When you are finished, place back the lid and the cover.

Meet the wall

Bring luxury into your private or corporate surroundings by installing the Maxgreenwall

Plant designs

We offer four plant selections, varying up to 5-8 plants, each with its own beauty or function. Another option is to Do It Yourself and install your own plants in the Maxgreenwall, just the way you like it. This flexibility ensures easy maintenance and the possibility to change the plant pattern over time.

Circulating oxygen

The green wall contains a specialized system which circulates oxygen to effectively keep up the good condition of the greenery. Additionally, the silent fan ensures the distribution of produced oxygen throughout your surroundings. By choosing for Maxgreenwall, you are choosing for an improved indoor climate!

Water reservoir

The vertical garden only needs refilling every four weeks, because of its relatively big water reservoir. With use of a water pump and capillary action, the plants sustainably only use the amount of water they need.

Grow light

A specially designed grow light, to ensure the quality and life of plants, is included in the system. This way, the Maxgreenwall can be installed everywhere in your interior, while maintaining the quality of the plants. Even in the darkest of places, this green wall will thrive!


Maxgreenwall is easily moveable, because of the wheels installed below. This way, the green wall can be used as a roomdivider or multiple green walls can be connected. The moveability of the Maxgreenwall ensures a solid investment, as it can be moved to other surroundings, for example when changing offices or moving to a new home. The possibilities for your interior are endless!


This green wall is not only easy to move, but can also be connected with other Maxgreenwalls in order to form a large living wall. Play around and create whatever you want!

Online accessible

Technical aspects, such as the water pump and light activity, are online accessible via an application. Control the wall with a touch.