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Curious how a Maxgreenwall would look in your home or work environment? Be inspired by our projects!

A green environment has proven to have many advantages. For example, various studies have shown that an environment where people are in contact with nature positively affects health and reduces stress. Consequently, more and more companies are considering ways to integrate natural and green elements into their interiors.
These days more attention is paid to having a pleasant and healthy work environment. The Maxgreenwall is an excellent addition to creating a green and healthy workplace. The plant wall is also a vast eye-catcher and brightens up any office, showroom, hotel, and/or restaurant! So be inspired by your predecessors!
The Maxgreenwall has made many hotels, restaurants, office spaces, and workplaces greener! Will you follow as well?

Showroom Munnike | Houten, Netherlands

The Maxgreenwall completely brightens up the showroom of Munneke stukadoors. The plant wall is not only an eye-catcher, but it also immediately creates a warm and homely atmosphere. For this space, we have chosen a black Maxgreenwall Single. This fits perfectly with the interior. The movability of the Maxgreenwall makes it easy to rearrange the showroom's layout.

Office Interly | Leusden, Netherlands

A single Maxgreenwall was chosen for this modern new office. The plant wall is placed in the shared space of this office. Employees love to meet here for a coffee break. Surrounding the Maxgreenwall is a seating space where employees can enjoy a relaxing moment in a green environment.

House | Utrecht, Netherlands

While designing this home, the residents were eager to bring nature inside. The Maxgreenwall not only brings nature indoors but also requires very low maintenance. Because of the automatic irrigation from the water reservoir, the residents hardly have to worry about it. The plants in the Maxgreenwall always stay nice and green. This is also one of the favorite spots in the house.

Bosselaar Strengers | Utrecht, Netherlands

Bosselaar Strengers Legal Partners certainly know how to create a fantastic entryway. The Maxgreenwall provides a nice green entrance in their office. The plant walls can be easily connected to each other. As a result, the entrance features not one but two green plant walls. The logo contrasts nicely with the green plants! Maxgreenwalls are also placed at different places in the office. This ensures that every workplace offers a pleasant, green, healthy working environment.

Home office | Leusden, Netherlands

At the time of the lockdowns, working from home became the standard. This particular resident was eager to create a healthy and enjoyable home office. The plant wall by Maxgreenwall has become an actual ‘jungle’ and brightens up the office. Occupant: “I still work a lot at home, and the plants give me peace. All in all, it is enjoyable, and the plants have a big impact. I also like that the plants are automatically watered, so I don’t have to worry about that anymore”.

Office | Utrecht, Netherlands

In this office in Utrecht, several Maxgreenwalls have been placed. The office has high ceilings and many windows. Also for these reasons the office was very noisy. Noise pollution on the work floor can be a significant source of annoyance and detrimental to productivity. The plant walls have decreased the ambient noise and significantly improved the acoustics. In addition, the walls provide a more pleasant working atmosphere.

Postillion hotel | Utrecht, Netherlands

The Maxgreenwall ensures the guests of the Postillion hotel enter the lobby in a luxurious and atmospheric way. Not only does the hotel's air quality improve, but the Maxgreenwall also positively affects the hotel guests.

Etica office | New Haven, USA

A warm welcome is warranted at the reception desk of this New Haven office. The plant wall is a real eye-catcher, brightening up the office and making the arrival much friendlier. “Amazing to have a green oasis within an hour”.